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Happy New Year - Allen's Home Shop Appeal FUNDED!

Happy New Year all!

How was your year? For me 2014 was a year very much defined by visiting Africa for the first time and all the new things that flowed out from that experience - challenging and exhilarating!

You can find out more about these activities on the Causes page but one of them was this lady Allen for whom we were burdened to help - you can read the backstory in my earlier blog post

Allen in her house with a crop of tomatoes she grew to sell

Allen in her house with a crop of tomatoes she grew to sell

A huge thank you to all who gave to this as our Christmas cause this year via MyDonate:

I am astounded that it has exceeded our £200 goal, as you can see at the donation page above, and now stands at a total of £389 including Gift Aid! Amazing. We are so grateful to all who contributed to this. 

Various family and friends donated to this appeal as a Christmas gift to us, and my wife and I also ran a stall at the church craft fair in November selling baking and some printed goods I had designed (which were also for sale on Etsy and on my website shop). 50% of of the craft fair proceeds went to this appeal. Thank you to all our customers who supported us in this way.

Now, thanks to your generosity, we have raised funds to give her (and possibly others) capital to buy goods and supplies to sell in her shop and begin to create a sustainable income for her family.  

Allen outside her new home shop extension

Allen outside her new home shop extension

I have spoken with World Shine UK about making the funds available to the liaison at the WSF School in Rwentobo, Uganda (where Allen lives) to administer it appropriately and get her business up and running well. This will make such an amazing difference to her and her 6 children in that very impoverished rural area. I will keep you appraised on how things develop. 

In the meantime if you want to be informed of other income generation projects like this in the future please sign up to my mailing list here

Wishing you all a blessed and purposeful 2015!

Allen's Home Shop

Allen lives in rural Uganda and struggles to feed her five girls and one boy while dealing with a violent alcoholic husband who provides no income. When I met her she was by all appearances a hopeless soul, listless and trapped.

When I was in Uganda in March 2014 I was able to pass on a photo of our family and money (from me and my siblings which we had raised for our mum's birthday) to Allen's child Rona who our Mum sponsors through World Shine UK. I asked the World Shine Foundation School's Child Development Officer what needs the family had that this money could go towards and, thanks to her guidance and stewardship, this money enabled them to build Rona's mother a shop extension to her two room mud brick home in order to generate an income selling produce for her family of eight. The extension is now completed (see below) but start up funds will enable her to begin trading goods.

To see her standing in front of her house with its shop extension, built thanks to the facilitation of the Child Development Officer at WSF School, and smiling with new hope was tremendous.

Allen outside her new extension July 2014

Now we hope to raise funds to give her capital to buy goods and supplies to sell in her shop and begin to create a sustainable income for her family. You can donate to World Shine UK for this cause via my fundraising page on BT MyDonate® by clicking the link below. 

If you wish to be kept updated on the progress of Allen's home shop project or any future sustainable livelihood or income generating projects then join our mailing list below.