Canada 2015: Coast to Coast

It's probably not the best time of year to be publishing travel photos, what with it being so 'January' outside, so apologies! However, if you do fancy a vicarious visit to beautiful Canada, then enjoy the following short film I have finally edited together from our trip to Vancouver, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island last August.

We attended our friend Mark's wedding in Squamish near Vancouver on Canada's Pacific coast and then spent some days in the city before a stopover in Nova Scotia on the east coast with my relatives there (and the obligatory visit to P.E.I. for Anne of Green Gables fan Nma). We made the most of the opportunity of seeing this wonderful country again but we barely scratched the surface. My wife's first visit but my second (the video of my last trip in 2010 is here). 

Video link:

Don't worry, if the photos pass you by too fast you can always view the photo galleries of this trip at