I am running a CAP Money Course in April

The CAP Money course is a three-session money management and financial education course focused on a budget, save and spend principle. It is proven to have dramatic effects on the way people think about money, organise their finances, live within their means and get money under control.

It’s practical, very easy, and interactive. You actually work through your own budgets and set the system up through the three weeks. Also, if you should find you have unmanageable debts, there is CAP Money Plus, which allows you access (through completing the course) to a debt management system run by our debt counselling team in Bradford.

The CAP Money Course is also available for university students (see video promo) to help them to prepare for taking on their own personal finances and tackle their student debt, and there is a session for young people aged 14-16 year olds (see video promo) to introduce them to the concept of having a balanced budget. 

I am trained as a Money Coach with Christians Against Poverty and will be running this course for four weeks from Saturday April 16th at 10:30-12:30. This course provides transformational training in an area of life skills often neglected in most people's educational experience. 98% said they would recommend the course to others and 90% said they were more in control of their finances as a result.

To book onto a course in your area visit capmoneycourse.org or for more information about the upcoming course in Greenock go to this link or call me on 07810 641179 or email me