Bring to the world something new

'It was written of a writer who died some years ago, "He was asked to endure the sufferings of those who bring to the world something new."

Our Lord Jesus brought "something new" to the world; and as I have thought specially of the suffering from which He did not shrink, I have found myself wondering if we realise that we are all called to bring something new, not to the world as a whole, as He did, but to some part of it; and that if we are to do this we must be ready for what it costs. 

To break with all worldy customs; to live utterly seperate from the spirit of the world, so that we shall not say, "What is the harm of this and that?" but simply shall have lost all relish for what is not of the Father; to live as those who truly lay all on the altar - time, strength, posessions, literally everything we are and have; to live, not nominally but truly, in unity; this will cost us something. Are we ready for what it will cost?'

From Thou Givest, They Gather by Amy Carmichael